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Founded 1926

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In an industry that is largely dependent on, and driven by, technology, the need to keep ahead of the latest developments and employ them to maximum effect is critical. The development of technology is relentless, and as a result it is all too easy to become swept up in its advance. RG Jones policy is to take a global view and be selective about which products are going to provide a competitive edge for more than a few months, suit our customer's requirements and maximise return on investment.

Many customers can be wary of the world of professional audio and visual. The right attitude, communication skills and the ability to gain the trust of those who may not fully understand, coupled with an ability talk to with those who do, is a vital resource.

RG Jones already has an established team of core staff and values. The company strives to employ those people best equipped to choose the right solutions.

Design Skills

RG Jones reputation is built on providing tailor made integrated solutions using the resources expected of a company that has evolved over the last 90 years. Our designers have extensive knowledge and resources and we have carefully balanced a range of backgrounds to meet the requirements of the different sectors within the market. Whatever your requirement, RG Jones can provide a complete solution.

Who We Are

RG Jones is the oldest continuous trading sound company in the UK and one of the oldest three in the world. We believe that our past should be the foundation for our present and our future, and we endeavour to maintain the high standards set by our founder, Reginal Geoffrey Jones in 1926. We work hard to ensure that our equipment hire and our sales and installations departments reflect this.


Celebrating 90 Years
in Professional Audio

The company was founded in 1926 by Reginald Geoffrey Jones, a true pioneer. As one of the oldest companies of its kind in the world, RG Jones is the history of professional audio, and the principles of its founder will continue to take it into the future.

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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen
Supplier of Sound Equipment for Rental and Installation
RG Jones Sound Engineering Ltd London

RG Jones has been installing, maintaining and operating sound systems for the Royal Household for over twenty years and is proud to be the first English sound company to be able to display the Royal Warrant. Not only is it a landmark for the oldest PA company in the land, but it is also significant for the rest of the entertainment technology industry, highlighting the fact that perhaps the industry is finally coming of age.