Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Impacts
and Responsibilities

All our equipment is selected from the most eco-friendly solution out there. We have ensured that new vans introduced to our fleet are rated at EURO 5 omissions, and our company car fleet contains Hybrid technology.  Our Director drives an electric car and we have installed an electric charging point in the carpark.

RG Jones Sound Engineering recognises that a large proportion of its activities have an impact in some way on the environment. The Company is committed to taking all reasonably practicable steps to minimise those impacts. It is our policy to ensure that we meet and where appropriate exceed the relevant environmental legal requirements appropriate to our activities in UK and in any countries where we operate. The Directors and Management are committed to a policy of reviewing all business operations and monitoring and, where reasonably practicable, reducing our environmental impact. Two seniors members of our team have completely independent qualifications in sustainability and noise pollution as a reflection of our commitment to reducing and efficiently managing our impacts on the environment.


We will promote awareness among all employees of our environmental responsibilities.

In particular RG Jones Sound Engineering is committed to taking a proactive approach in the following areas: Noise Pollution: We recognise that our systems must provide adequate sound levels for to meet our clients’ requirements but we also recognise that sound cannot easily be contained. We will seek to design systems and source technologies that minimise the impact of sound outside the boundaries. Transport and Mechanical Plant: We will develop and implement a “green” strategy for vehicles and mechanical plant, whether owned, hired or contracted. Resource Management: We will reduce energy and resource consumption by utilising energy efficient equipment and adopting effective and efficient working practices. We will minimise the amount of waste generated and dispose of all recyclable waste appropriately. Procurement: Within the constraints of procurement rules we will use our best endeavours to ensure that the suppliers we use have an Environmental Policy Statement in place. We work closely with our flagship loudspeaker company to ensure best practice using the cutting edge technologies www.martinaudio-mla.com

The Elizabeth Foundation

Over the decades RG Jones have been fortunate enough to be involved with some extraordinary projects, amplifying some of the most magnificent sounds, and its easy to take the ability to hear for granted. The Elizabeth Foundation is a voluntary organization for deaf babies, pre-school deaf children and their parents providing, without charge, parent centred services for babies and young children with hearing loss and offering family support. RG Jones has been involved with raising money for the Elizabeth Foundation for Deaf Children for a while now through "AIR" and various other projects. For more information go to: www.elizabeth-foundation.org

DBS Music

DBS Music is a unique teaching facility tailored to delivering courses specifically aimed at people of any age wishing to learn about sound engineering and associated subjects. Situated in Plymouth, a city where opportunities for school leavers can be thin on the ground, it boasts some of the best facilities to be found anywhere for the subject matter. RG Jones, alogside top manufacturers Martin Audio and Midas have contribution top-of-the-range equipment for the students to cut their teeth on. RG Jones’ philosophy behind this policy is that the future of the sound engineering industry lies in the inspiration and education of those entering the business at the bottom. By exposing these hopefuls to the right equipment and the subsequent satisfaction it can provide, it is hoped that those who progress on to join the industry will be suitably charged with a desire to achieve and maintain a creed of quality above all else. For more information go to: https://www.dbsmusic.co.uk/#welcome