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Armistice Centenary honoured in Piccadilly Circus

RG Jones are honoured to provide sound for a unique thought-provoking commemoration in honour of those who served in World War I.

  • Armistice Centenary honoured in Piccadilly Circus
  • Armistice Centenary honoured in Piccadilly Circus
  • Armistice Centenary honoured in Piccadilly Circus

To mark the Armistice centenary that falls this weekend, Westminster Council has created a thought-provoking commemoration for those who fought in World War I.

The experience seeks to transform Piccadilly Circus – the iconic outdoor ad site – into an unsettling world of sound and light.  Between 6pm and 7pm today (9 November) the project will take over the famous interchange, replacing its lights with a hypnotic visual and aural reminder of the hundreds of thousands of brave soldiers who fought and died in the Great War.

The memorial film, created by TMW Unlimited, is uncomplicated and simply hits home the devastation of the war, through the sight and sound of boots marching relentlessly to war.  As the boots march across the screens, the great sacrifice of the soldiers who fought is further resonated through a counter which visually counts the numbers of lives lost, and aims to remind people of the horrific scale.

As the counter increases, a marker will move across the top of the screen to represent the progress of the war from 1914—1918.  All screens will turn red and black, thus casting an ambient light across the interchange.

Placing the project within its context, the film will also highlight Westminster and London’s place in the war. Interspersed with the powerful marching boots the screens will display intimate stories that bring to life some of the individual local names and faces behind the shocking numbers.

RG Jones engineers will be a numerous sites this weekend providing audio visual services marking the this solemn event.


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