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Williamson’s words of wisdom…

“Apparently directors have a duty to blog, so here we go. 

Given my recent appointment to a Livery Company, I have the honour to network with many other Freeman, business owners, consultants, and advisors giving me greater insight to how other industries operate. It seems one key element to all industries is technology, and how this can be integrated for purpose of efficiency. For example, the water industry; Future use of advance technology could mean a big change to the industry with underground pipe networks that can detect water flow rate, pressure, contamination, and precise locations of leaks, all viewed from a computer screen back at HQ. Some say it’s not long before a robot will surf through the water pipes carrying out repairs to burst pipes. I am certainly in favour of this idea should it prevent digging up the road causing traffic delay. One always must be on time when one is by Royal Appointment…

Talking of that, we have recently attended the Royal Warrant Holders sustainability seminar held this year at Drapers Hall.  Members are offered information and assistance in how to apply business sustainability.  The warrant depends on meeting a level of criteria, and we always come away feeling supported.  This is our 7th year of attendance and it’s extraordinary to see how attitudes have changed even in that short time.  Last year saw the RWHA officially presented with The Planet Mark certificate for the seminar, described as “inspiring” and “thought provoking”.  I second that.

The tech sector is playing a critical role in promoting global sustainability efforts by continuously improving the environment, energy and performance characteristics of our products.  Technology in our industry has accelerated over the past few of years with manufacturers releasing new product faster than Apple iPhones.   Sound engineers are now IT Almighties spending more time operating computers than mixing consoles, and talking in code rather than decibels. Equipment has become ‘user friendly’ pleasing the younger generation who have grown up with speed and a “tap and swipe” mentality.  I look forward to the continued advancement of technology and how it will further streamline our works improving efficiency in all areas. Perhaps robots to load heavy flight-cases into trucks could soon be on the horizon eradicating manual handling risks and more importantly improving the challenges of sweltering local crew working within a confined space!

The summer is approaching and as the heating systems turn down, the heat is turning up for the teams at RG Jones as we head into yet another extremely busy period. Both RG Jones Hire and Installations already working at capacity and we now ramp-up resource to enable seamless delivery of services to our impressive diverse blend of events and activities. Recent investment in the latest technology will be deployed this summer and as we believe success is as much about the people as it is about the equipment, I’m confident we’re in for some spectacular results.  I hope your countdown to summer is going smoothly and I look forward to checking in again at the other side. 

Thanks for taking the time and please do get in touch if you have any questions”.

Andrew M Williamson Esq


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