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Glastonbury Festival BLOCK 9, Genosys

RG Jones is honoured by the opportunity to provide sounds for the iconic Pyramid and West Holts stages for a good few years now. However, 2016 bought a new venue – just to the South East Corner is a festival within a festival.  After the main performance stages have finished, this far corner of the vast site awakes, ready for the invasion of thousands of late night revellers in search of big grooves and dancing.

  • Glastonbury Festival BLOCK 9, Genosys
  • Glastonbury Festival BLOCK 9, Genosys
  • Glastonbury Festival BLOCK 9, Genosys

All styles of dance music is to be found in Glasto Latino, The Unfair Ground and Block 9.  In Block 9 alone there are three major stages – London Underground, NYC Downlow and perhaps most significantly Genosys, the open-air stage.  Genosys is a massive, 70 feet-high post-industrial piece of architecture draped with exotic plants and steaming tubes, at the centre of which, if you look hard enough, is a DJ booth.  For those who want to dance all night, this is one of the highlights of Glastonbury’s late scene, and a suitable sound system is crucial for generating the pumping atmosphere that the surging crowds yearn for.

Genosys runs through the night, and it is not surprising that this doesn’t go down well with the nearby homes if they are lying in their beds listening to the insistent thud of electronic dance music.  The license regulations state that after 11pm, no single stage should be identifiable above the general murmur of the whole festival – in the past this has meant that the Genosys sound system has had to been turned down so much that the vibe has gone and people had turned away.  85dBA does not a dance event make.

In 2016, the Block 9 production team came to RG’s Simon Honywill, Consultant Sound Engineer for the festival, in search of a solution.  They wanted their vibe back, and it was down to RG’s to deliver it.  One Martin Audio MLAC/DSX system later, they had 100dBA of incredible hifi all night and the place was rammed with ravers.  They couldn’t believe it, the Block 9 team couldn’t believe it, and we have to admit to being a little surprised and a little bit blown away too.

The DJs and managers were saying it was like working in a studio, really pumping. They loved it, and the Block 9 team were thrilled.

Simon Honywill


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