Live Streaming

There are many online streaming facilities available, but basic systems can be unreliable. We offer a professional solution that can successfully enable participation from those unable to attend in person. This can be added to your existing system or included in a new installation.

We are able to provide advice and solutions ranging from a simple camera and basic streaming package to remote controlled multi-camera setups with production switchers and multiplatform streaming encoders.

A simple live streaming system could include full HD video streaming and recording with an HDMI video feed encoded to multiple streaming platforms as well as recording locally to an SD card for later use. Once the system has been set up it’s as easy as pressing the RECORD or STREAM button on the front panel to go ‘LIVE’.



The quality of your content will depend on the quality of your broadcast and upload speeds can significantly affect the quality.  Your online solution will require a reliable bandwidth. A bandwidth is the uploading or downloading data capacity. Think of it as the pipeline for information transferring between the internet and your local network. Larger information requests require greater bandwidth to squeeze through. Smaller pipelines could cause blockages, slowing down the transfer process.  Always test your upload speed to get a more realistic view. As a rule of thumb, the number you get from these tests should be a minimum of 5.7 Mbps if you want to stream 720p video.

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