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Pancake Day Race 2022, Andrew Williamson

He’s only gone and flippin’ won it.

Pancake day and time for Director Andrew Williamson to work on his latest innovation. We weren’t sure how he could better the 2019 “homemade human wind turbine”, but this year he topped them all with his fully functional water butt, complete with tap.

Dressed in their full regalia, the members of the related Liveries of London compete in this pancake-flipping race. The Lords Mayor Inter-Livery Pancake event employs the skills of a variety of liveries: Clockmakers time it, Gunmakers fire the starting pistol, Glovers provide the white gloves worn by racers, Fruiterers provide lemons, Cutlers provide the forks and RG Jones provide the technical support.

Andrew dazzled the crowd in a jade green water butt half-length complete with sustainable perennially chic cookware accessories.

“It’s a really fun event to raise money for charity.” explains Andrew “RG Jones have been lucky enough to work at events at the City of London, Guildhall for decades and it’s extraordinary to be on the other side of the fence. I spend a few weeks locked away in my shed to pull this costume together, I’m made up that we won. Think it’s time I stepped backstage again now”.

Andrew is a member of The Worshipful Company of Water Conservators, one of the 31 modern Livery Companies formed in the City of London over the last 80 years. The Company promotes awareness of the science, art and practice of water and environmental management and hopes to play an informative role. to the Government, the City and the public about the many and important ways that water affects our lives. Founded as a Guild in 1988 and achieving full livery status in 2000, the Water Conservators in order of precedence is the 102nd Livery Company in the City of London.

  • The Water Conservators are passionate about sustaining and conserving the public requirements of clean water, both for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • The Worshipful Company seeks to support and promote advancement of education within the industry.
  • The Company’s focus on water and related environmental matters puts us at the heart of some of the most important issues facing the world today.
  • Our quarterly Court Lunches, Banquets and other meetings provide a professional and social atmosphere for meeting industry colleagues.

“It’s a really fun event to raise money for charity.”

Andrew Williamson


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