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RG Jones are right on cue for upgrade at Chelsea Arts Club

Chelsea Arts Club is a private members Club for artists in the heart of London. Established in 1891, the Club has occupied the same house in Old Church Street since 1902. As well as painters, sculptors and architects the Club numbers designers, photographers, film makers, poets, writers, dancers, actors and musicians amongst its 3,700 Members.

When the renowned Knightsbridge club decided to re-furbish their billiards room, it was long term associate RG Jones Sound Engineering Ltd who were invited to provide a solution.

  • RG Jones are right on cue for upgrade at Chelsea Arts Club
  • RG Jones are right on cue for upgrade at Chelsea Arts Club
  • RG Jones are right on cue for upgrade at Chelsea Arts Club

The life of the Club centres around the Billiard Room, the Dining Room and the secluded garden. Drinks and food are served seven days a week, and there are twelve bedrooms which Members may book.  Exhibitions of Members’ work are held throughout the year, and during the winter months there is a lively programme of artistic and literary talks, film screenings, cabaret performances and concerts, both choral and instrumental.

RG Jones is a recognised as a leading creative within its own field.  An extensive history in AV solutions coupled with investment in passionately innovative designers has developed a clear understanding of how to project the most inspired minds within the walls of the UK’s most exceptional venues.

RG Jones associate & regular engineer at the club, Phil Wright was asked by RG Jones to design and oversee the installation and commissioning of the system solution.  Like many venues, the club has a portable system that is utilised for events, but they wanted a simple speech and background music system for everyday events and speeches, as well as having some flexibility for expansion in the future.

It was with this in mind that we specified four of the Martin Audio CDD8 as the installation loudspeaker system since it would provide not only extremely even coverage of the room, but room for the install to grow in the future. The CDD8’s mix of compact size, extremely even dispersion and great sonic characteristics made it an obvious candidate for this type of installation.

The control side of the system has been delivered in a bespoke RG Jones wheeled rack on the mezzanine of the billiards room. Providing a simple user interface based around the extremely cost effective Alesis Multimix 10 rackmount mixer and a pair of Shure BLX-R Hand Held Radiomic Systems with Crown Amplification. There is an input at the bar for a hard-wired iPod, and the Alesis also offers Bluetooth connectivity for media playback, as well as two more XLR inputs for additional event requirements.

The club was delighted with the new system, both visually and audibly – and it has been busy since the day the billiards room re-opened to their clientele the day after the RG Jones installation.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra

Phil Wright


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