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Rock and Glow, Orchestra by Candlelight

The Rock Orchestra By Candlelight is a feast for the senses, an explosion of sound, rocking arenas around the world.  Guests enter another realm with atmospheric lighting and a sea of candles around the performers. Crooked towers, floating lanterns and giant, head-banging puppets set the stage for the musical skeleton players to effortlessly switch between sublime melodies and powerful walls of sound.

This collection of creative artists, all classically trained, are rebelling against stereotypes, and breaking boundaries. Meticulous about their sound, they bring a dynamic presence and energy to the stage, creating an interactive visual and auditory feast for the audiences.  Made up of a band of 11 classical musicians, breathing beautifully dark energy into legendary Rock & Metal tracks.

RG Jones provides equipment to this unique tour.   A show bathed in a sea of candles, whilst skeletal players in rhinestone masks effortlessly switch between sublime melodies & powerful walls of sound. Crooked lurching towers, floating lanterns & giant head-banging puppets set the stage for an otherworldly musical experience.  “There is nothing as exciting as showing people how powerful an Orchestra can be playing a genre you would never normally hear them play. Our orchestra pays homage to the golden eras of rock and metal but also appeals to a completely new generation. We’ve found something really special.” 

Since forming in 2018, the London Symphonic Rock Orchestra has recorded for Sir Cliff Richard’s “Rise Up” album, performed live with the Trevor Horn Band and Spiritualised, toured with “Il Divo”, the BBC’s “Planet Earth II”, “Seven Worlds One Planet” and is the orchestra for “The Rock Orchestra by Candlelight”. The orchestra also tours worldwide with “Queen Machine Symphonic” and “The Show – a Tribute to ABBA”.

“It’s a huge sound, it’s really powerful, we are amping it up and we get these huge walls of sound which people don’t expect. If you think it’s going to be a clean, classical sound you’re in for a real surprise.”

Nathan Reed


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